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Blackmail & Biological Warfare: A Tripartite Agreement's Recipe for Disaster

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

By: A. W. Finnegan

biological warfare and blackmail
Biological Warfare & Blackmail

In a previous article, I discussed the factors surrounding the reasons that past and contemporary biological weapons programs of all nations were always done in a concealed manner, often hiding the weapons work under the guise of scientific, medical, and agricultural research to cloak its nefarious activities. Because the stockpiling and use of biological weapons are banned by international treaties like the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (BTWC) of 1972, all countries will cloak offensive biological weapons research and development as "defensive research," but it hasn’t stopped nations from conducting research and testing activities that brought with it some blunders and defectors that threatened to expose its nefarious operations to the world.

For example, before the fall of the Soviet Union, a top bioweaponeer, Vladimir Pasechnik, defected the Soviet Union and escaped to Britain with the help of British Intelligence and revealed the existence of a massive biological warfare program illegally operated by the Soviet Union, and instead of such news reaching headlines around the world, the West decided not to tell the world about it if they would let the West inspect any set of facilities they wished, and the West would let the Soviet Union do the same in their own countries. This resulted in a three-way agreement between Britain, the United States, and Russia, eventually signed by all three countries and put into motion a dangerous game of perpetual blackmail that allowed the biological weapons programs of each country to grow more reckless in the years following.

A second Soviet bioweaponeer who eventually defected to the West, Ken Alibek, later wrote a memoir about his time running the Soviet bioweapons program and explained the details surrounding this incident. He was Pasechnik’s direct superior and was surprised to learn that the West kept the details of Pasechnik’s defection and the Soviet bioweapons program’s existence secret following Pasechnik’s defection, and later Alibek learned that it was done because the Bush administration thought it would weaken other areas of arms control and perhaps weaken Gorbachev.

This is a vague statement, but a more likely explanation follows that if the West exposed the details of the Soviet biological weapons program, the Soviet Union could respond with some revelations of their own about the biological warfare program activities of the West. Because of the revelations of a Soviet diplomat, Igor Gouzenko, who defected from the Russian embassy in Canada in 1945 and warned Canada about massive spy rings operating in the West, suspicion of Soviet espionage eventually led to several key Soviet moles inside British Intelligence like Kim Philby and Donald Maclean to defect to the Soviet Union and exposed many high-level secrets of the West, including many of the British-Canadian-American cooperation on nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons programs in which the three countries shared intelligence, conducted joint-research, and hired former Nazi war criminals to help them. The West, having known how much dirt the Soviets had on them, caused them to pause and consider the consequences of exposing the Soviet program before the world. As a result, they instead agreed to cooperate on inspections and signed a tripartite agreement to keep their biological warfare quarrels to themselves.

This would set a dangerous pretext in years after the Soviet Union’s defeat, because the same bureaucrats running the Soviet biological weapons program continued onward after it became the Russian Federation, and the same players on all sides are still engaged in this game of perpetual blackmail and silence regarding dangerous biological weapons activities putting the world at more risk than ever before and showing no signs of slowing down.

Read about this and more in my newly-released book, The Sleeper Agent: The Rise of Lyme Disease, Chronic Illness, and the Great Imitator Antigens of Biological Warfare, and hear about the early weaponization of ticks and tick-borne disease, learn the history of German virologist Erich Traub and his discovery of immune-damaging stealth bioweapons that cause very resistant chronic diseases, mental illnesses, and cancers. Hear about the early days of biological warfare and what led to the biological arms race with common, ongoing testing activities that would utterly shock the average person, completely unaware of just how prevalent open-air biological testing and experimental research affecting the general public has become.


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