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M.P. Chumakov : Top Stalinist Bioweaponeer for the Soviet Union who Worked on Oral Polio Vaccine

By: A. W. Finnegan

In my recently published book, The Sleeper Agent: The Rise of Lyme Disease, Chronic Illness, and the Great Imitator Antigens of Biological Warfare, I concluded the book examining some of the cozy relationships and collaborations between American scientists and Soviet bioweaponeers like M. P. Chumakov. M. P. Chumakov was discussed at length throughout the book and played a major role in testing out some of the Soviet Union’s bioengineered diseases on the restive Muslim and Mongolian populations in the Siberian regions of the U. S. S. R. in the 1930s.  

They tested tick and insect-borne plagues like tick encephalitis and hemorrhagic fever viruses which would later evolve into the Marburg and Ebola viruses found in Africa much later. M. P. Chumakov even met with Erich Traub at his Insel Riems facility in East Germany several times in 1947 to consult with him about Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis Virus (LCM). This was the model virus that Erich Traub spent his entire life studying to understand stealth infections that destroyed the immune system and brought secondary neurotropic effects and cancers. It is quite a coincidence that Chumakov’s collaboration with Albert B. Sabin and Jonas Salk on polio vaccines were contaminated by a virus that acted in striking parallel to Traub’s LCM virus and infected up to half of the U. S. population through tainted polio vaccines. This virus was called simian virus 40, or SV40.  

Albert B. Sabin, inventor of the oral polio vaccine (OPV), collaborated and developed a cozy friendship with M. P. Chumakov, and Chumakov worked with Sabin on getting the vaccine onto the market. Sabin also befriended Lev Zilber, who led the Siberian expeditions testing these new bioweapons, and he likewise befriended V. M. Zhdanov, a prominent Soviet virologist and bioweaponeer. He also befriended a KGB scientist, Sergei Drozdov, who had penetrated the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva. Sabin took trips to the Soviet Union to work with Chumakov and attend virology conferences there and in the USA, in which he would regularly exchange viruses and serums of all kinds with these Soviet “Friends.”  

As this was going on, Chumakov was conducting research on the side, on all kinds of biological warfare agents like Q fever, West-Nile Virus, and the infamous hemorrhagic fever viruses that eventually evolved into Lassa Fever, Marburg Virus, and Ebola Virus.  All three viruses are relatives and descendants of the Crimean Hemorrhagic Fever virus, which earned the name Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHF) after it was brought to Africa and tested there by Soviet expeditions not unlike those in the Siberian regions in the 1930s, as this virus had its start there after Chumakov tested the virus on the restive Muslim and Mongolian populations with Lev Zilber. 

That Sabin was allowed to team up with these serious names in the biological warfare program of the USSR is almost unfathomable, especially when the Soviet Union was eventually exposed to Western Intelligence having a massive biological weapons program to crush the West.  

What is particularly interesting here is that according to M. P. Chumakov’s son, Konstantin Chumakov, the Soviet Union’s public health officials never had any plans to initiate or test a new vaccine. So, it begs the question, “why was Sabin taking trips to the Soviet Union to work with Chumakov if there were no plans to test it or put a new polio vaccine into circulation there?” Unless, of course, it was being done for another purpose by another authority, like the KGB or Soviet Intelligence. According to Konstantin, in Birth of A Cold War Vaccine:

“Sabin publicly gave credit to my father and the Soviet system whose organization made such large trials possible,” Konstantin says. “But I’m not sure my father ever told Sabin the true story behind it. What actually happened—according to my father— went like this:

“My father couldn’t get permission for a really big clinical trial. A lot of people in the Health Ministry were opposed to it. He was told, basically, ‘We have the Salk vaccine, and it works fine, so there’s no reason for you to test the live virus.’ Well, my father decided to go around them.

“In the Soviet Union there was a higher authority — the Politburo [then known as the Presidium of the Central Committee], which consisted of a small group of Communist Party officials who could overrule everybody. At the time, Anastas Mikoyan was the Politburo member responsible for public health. Mikoyan was not a medical man — he was a political figure who went back to the revolution.

But he and my father were well acquainted. Mikoyan may have appointed him to head the polio initiative in the first place.” Refusing to accept the ministry’s decision not to grant permission for the oral vaccine tests, Chumakov picked up one of the red telephones provided for the exclusive use of the most powerful people in the Kremlin — he was not among them — and dialed Mikoyan’s number.

As Chumakov related the story to his son, he got right to the point and asked Mikoyan’s approval to proceed with the live virus vaccine tests.

“Are you sure this is a good vaccine, Mikhail?” Mikoyan asked. “And that it’s safe?”

“Yes,” the virologist replied. “I’m absolutely sure.”

“Then go ahead,” Mikoyan said.

“That was it,” says the younger Chumakov, whose account rings true with others familiar with the principals. “The only permission he had was verbal, over that Politburo hotline. Of course, the health minister was unhappy, but there was nothing he could do.”

It must be asked, if Chumakov was not among the most powerful people familiar with using the red phones, just how would he have immediately known the proper digits to dial Mikoyan? Sinister motivations are far more likely in light of what we later learned about the Soviet Union’s massive biological war machine. It is interesting to note that Chumakov also worked to some degree with Jonas Salk on his polio vaccine. Both of these were contaminated by the oncogenic SV40 virus, and it is no surprise that cancer is now exploding in the West, much like Erich Traub’s Rockefeller mice after thoroughly infected by the LCM virus causing a massive rise in lymphomatosis. 

In 1967, Marburg virus first appears at the Behringwerke AG labs causing a fatal outbreak among lab workers after they began pressing up monkey kidneys to be used foir making the Sabin-Chumakov oral polio vaccine. The virus was present in the monkeys causing silent infections before erupting in the lab workers who contracted the fatal sibling of Ebola virus, Marburg Virus. In the years leading up to the incident, Chumakov can be seen conducting extensive research on these hemorrhagic fever viruses and his institute had several expeditions down in Africa at the time, like in Nigeria, where Lassa Fever also surfaces for the first time. The monkeys used were said to have been imported from regions around the Congo, where of course the Crimean Hemorrhagic Fever virus also begins to establish itself. In the wake of the Marburg Virus outbreak, the Soviet Union begins to imply that West Germany had been secretly developing biological weapons at the time, and who but M. P. Chumakov is there to receive strains of the virus to determine whether or not it was part of a biological weapons program, but after studying the virus, they said nothing more about it. This was most likely because the virus is actually the closest relative of the hemorrhagic fevers of the Soviet Union!  

In the 1930s, M. P. Chumakov was testing hemorrhagic fevers on mentally ill patients, according to declassified CIA reports, and it establishes the fact that Chumakov knew these infections would be silent in animals, giving a layer of stealth should the Soviet Union consider stealthily infecting the supply of monkeys sourced from the jungles of Africa and abroad to use for tissue cultures in producing vaccines.

What a wonderful collection of coincidences we have here, and even more amazing, that M. P. Chumakov’s son Konstantin Chumakov is now running vaccine safety and review at the FDA. Without making any claims or accusations against Konstantin, I am fully justified in having the opinion that after review of all the facts about his father and the details surrounding his rise in Western public health at the behest of Albert Sabin, this position is too sensitive and vulnerable to put someone with his background, being that his father was perhaps the most important of all the bioweaponeers under Joseph Stalin in the Soviet Union. Konstantin said in an interview with Lisa Walker that all of the top scientists at his Moscow University, left the Soviet Union and now fill prominant positions in Western public health and academia.  

Vladamir Putin, whose grandfather Spiridon, was Stalin’s personal food taster and chef, still praises and idolizes Joseph Stalin as an effective manager, and it is Konstantin’s brother Petr Chumakov, another spawn of M. P. Chumakov, who advises Putin in Russia’s modern biodefense. The coincidences just keep on coming...  

Read all of this and more in my new book, The Sleeper Agent: The Rise of Lyme Disease, Chronic Illness, and the Great Imitator Antigens of Biological Warfare, now available at Amazon and other book vendors... 


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