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Solved: The Weaponization of Ticks, Lyme Disease, & The Mysterious Connection to Biological Warfare

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

By: A. W. Finnegan

Lyme Disease Spirochetes drawn by author A. W. Finnegan
Lyme disease spirochetes (Borrelia burgdorferi) shedding weaponized antigens in "blebs"

In my recently published book, The Sleeper Agent: The Rise of Lyme Disease, Chronic Illness, and the Great Imitator Antigens of Biological Warfare, I unravel the mystery of whether the Lyme disease spirochete was a biological weapon, and I was able to tie it directly to developments by the Nazis like Erich Traub and his colleagues during the Third Reich. I put forward reliable evidence to show precisely when he acquired the spirochetes and how it was developed, weaponized, and adapted to new animals it didn’t previously infect.

Traub learned how multiple, overlapping tick-borne infections suppressed the immune system and caused the disease condition known as immune tolerance, which I described in other posts like Immune Tolerance: The Basis of Slow Chronic Disease Accompanied by Mental Illness and Cancer and The Dark Triad of Immune Tolerance: Chronic Disease, Mental Illness, and Cancer. In my book, the entire story unravels the mysterious journey of Erich Traub’s life and career as a bioweaponeer for three different global superpowers.

Later in the book, I dispel the pathetic attempts by David H. Persing and Sam Telford in their Washington Post article, No, Lyme Disease Is Not an Escaped Military Bioweapon, despite What Conspiracy Theorists Say, with their attempt to discredit the idea that Lyme disease could have been a biological weapon, using misleading angles that stretch the truth to the point of falsehood, cite irrelevant arguments like the idea that genetic engineering technology wasn’t available yet or that Lyme’s week-long incubation period was too long to be an effective bioweapon.

Both are irrelevant points because long before modern genetic engineering technology was available, bioweaponeers like Erich Traub ran the agents through certain animals in serial passages to mutate the agent, adapt it to new hosts, among other things, and I explain this in my post Animal Passages & Biological Warfare: The Means and Methods of Bioengineering in the Days Before Recombinant DNA, and it is explained in further depth in my book. Secondly, a week-long incubation period is not that long, as Q Fever has an incubation period of 2-3 weeks and was among the biological weapons held by the military in the American biological weapons stockpile. Psittacosis (ornithosis/chlamydiosis), another biological weapon in our stockpile, has an incubation period of 5-14 days. His argument there is completely invalid.

Telford and Persing go on to cite incredulous evidence to say that it was found in mouse tissues from 1896 in Cape Cod, because of his finding small fractions of genetic material from the outer surface protein in the mice. However, a tiny fragment of genetic material from the outer surface protein does not in any way prove an infection with Borrelia burgdorferi because plasmid DNA is variable and changes all the time, not to mention, it is cross-reactive to other pathogens and viruses, namely vaccinia virus, and Persing says so in his paper, Target Imbalance: Disparity of Borrelia burgdorferi Genetic Material in Synovial Fluid from Lyme Arthritis Patients.

Also, Persing and Telford cite another paper showing it was found in ticks collected from 1945-1951, which only reinforces the story you will read in my book, The Sleeper Agent: The Rise of Lyme Disease, Chronic Illness, and the Great Imitator Antigens of Biological Warfare. It is also interesting to note that Richard Marconi from the Rocky Mountains Laboratory published a paper demonstrating that the set of primers Telford and Persing were using were not a reliable set of primers and therefore could not be trusted as evidence for the argument they were trying to make, and cites their paper as one of those using these unreliable primers to prove the DNA was able to demonstrate an infection with Borrelia burgdorferi. In the tick samples from 1945-1951, they at least tested for spirochete DNA along with the outer surface proteins (plasmid DNA), while the samples of mice tissue from 1896 were only testing for tiny fragments of plasmid DNA and not the actual spirochete DNA. But let’s say the tick samples from 1945-1951 were actually infected with Borrelia burgdorferi, it would only reinforce the story I have demonstrated in my book.

Clearly, their article was just another pathetic example of propaganda to discredit something that actually has merit, and this will be clear when you read the story in my book, and see the evidence for yourself. Without giving too much away, I highly recommend buying and reading my new book, The Sleeper Agent: The Rise of Lyme Disease, Chronic Illness, and the Great Imitator Antigens of Biological Warfare, and walk with me through the diabolical labyrinth of Erich Traub and the stealth weapons of biological warfare. Learn about how he became well-versed in tick-borne diseases like the Lyme co-infections (Babesia, Bartonella, Ehrlicia, etc.), acquired the spirochetes, weaponized them during the war in Germany, gave them to the Soviet Union, and brought them to America, updating them once more.

John J. Loftus, who wrote America’s Nazi Secret, was the first to expose the Lyme disease connection to biological warfare, in 1982, and he made the revelation that they were spread by ticks before it was even acknowledged by scientists, a year later being confirmed by the biodefense specialist Willy Burgdorfer from the Rocky Mountain Laboratory. John Loftus wrote the forward to my book, and endorses the story I have presented, and his biodefense sources with Q clearances have said that my work is spot on. Loftus became a good friend of mine when I started writing the book in 2017, and he endorses my story as accurate and true according to all the intelligence his sources have relayed to him when he was a pro bono attorney for those in the intelligence community working to get other damning stories declassified after he exposed Operation Paperclip on 60 Minutes in the 1980s.

Therefore, he will tell you in the forward that much of modern history has been classified. He revealed in his 1982 book that most of the biological warfare files have been shredded, and when you read my book, you will understand why they would want this story to disappear and tried to get rid of all the evidence. But shredding the majority of files was not enough to stop a determined, skillful researcher like myself, sick with Lyme disease, to unravel the mystery using many other sources of evidence. They wanted this story to disappear and remain buried, but this book will walk you through the story and you shall see for yourself…


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