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The Dark Triad of Immune Tolerance: Chronic Disease, Mental Illness, and Cancer

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

By: A. W. Finnegan

immune tolerance and its effects
The great imitator antigen that causes immune tolerance

In my recent book, The Sleeper Agent: The Rise of Lyme Disease, Chronic Illness, and the Great Imitator Antigens of Biological Warfare, I detail and reveal the esoteric history and action of slow-acting, stealth biological weapons that cause very resistant chronic diseases that bring with it neurological disorders, mental illnesses, and cancers. This class of biological weapons are used as a long-term strategy of tire, exhaust, demoralize, and overwhelm the enemy. These strategic biological weapons cause complicated chronic diseases that are very confusing to diagnose, and even harder to treat.

This is because they mar and injure the immune system and the course of disease unravels in endless variations so that no two are exactly the same. The diseases caused are a general condition known as immune tolerance, a chronic state of immune deficiency and causes additional neurotropic diseases to activate, that is, diseases that slowly destroy the central nervous system and brain, while causing cancer to equally skyrocket.

It is these dark triad of symptoms that commonly accommodate the immune tolerance condition. As the immune system is exhausted and suppressed, it cannot keep disease at bay, and these invade the central nervous system and brain. In the end, the body starts to lose the war, and the end result for the complex disease state is usually cancer and cancer-like.

In my book, the reader will be walked through the history of such diabolic weapons and learn how the epidemic of cancer, mental illness, and chronic disease are by no means a coincidence. The entire history and all the blunders that occurred in the biological arms race demonstrate why these three symptoms of a complex disease state have been gaining steady momentum since the early 1950s.

At the center of this is the German virologist Erich Traub, who discovered the mechanics of the condition in the 1930s and began developing stealth biological weapons that destroy the immune system, central nervous system, and brain. His work for several superpowers brought a global proliferation and, in the end, the dark triad of immune tolerance has taken the world by storm.

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