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The Mysteries of Dr. Erich Traub and His Life as a Bioweaponeer

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

By: A. W. Finnegan

German virologist Erich Traub
Erich Traub (courtesy of the Rockefeller Institute archives)

Dr. Erich Traub is a mysterious character with a long, rich history and expertise in creating stealth biological weapons that evade tests, confuse diagnosis, and torment the afflicted with slow, chronic diseases, neurological problems, and cancers. He specialized in developing incapacitating biological agents and mastered the art of this new class of germ weapons that were nearly incurable and caused devious effects on the afflicted. In my recently published book, The Sleeper Agent: The Rise of Lyme Disease, Chronic Illness, and the Great Imitator Antigens of Biological Warfare, I walk the reader through the story of his career from the time he entered veterinary medicine in 1927 to his death in 1985.

In the book, I am able to link Traub to the Lyme disease spirochete and the cocktail of tick-borne diseases now spreading in the United States and abroad. But it goes further, I am able to demonstrate his discovery of the condition underlying many stealth, debilitating chronic diseases, coined immune tolerance, as the machinations for this new class of immunological weaponry, which he discovered with Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis Virus (LCM) in 1936. He contributed significant published research and findings on the science of these slow, chronic diseases and their infectious etiologies, but it was ignored by the public health system and only attributed to organ transplants. This was because they were intentionally trying to bury his work and all that it implied. It put a dent in their antibody and inflammation theory of disease, showing disease could be present without either antibodies or inflammation, but instead the polar opposite, as a chronic immunosuppression and reactivation of latent viruses in the central nervous system, brain, and organs, in other words, these agents turn the immune system and body against itself.

During his long career, he was able to show that certain lipid-like antigens could damage the immune system and cause lifelong infections that lacked outward symptoms like inflammation, lacked antibodies despite active infection, and spread virulent virus without any signs of disease. He discovered this condition in 1936 and it became the model for his new class of germ weapons. These mice would have active viral infections transmitted from the mother and be infected for life without antibodies or outward signs of disease, but later in life they would develop chronic neurological diseases and cancers, with the cancer rate eventually reaching 50%.

The infected mice would continue infecting their newborns through the infected mother, and the agent could maintain itself for many generations, getting more devious with each subsequent generation. It was a way to thoroughly hex the target nations because his agents were immunosuppressive and neurotropic, that is, they attacked the central nervous system and brain. This causes severe neurological disorders and mental illness to skyrocket. Attack the immune system, and you attack the life force of the individual, and chronic fatigue will tire and exhaust the afflicted to the point of incapacitation. Attack the brain of a population, and you attack the well-being and mental stability of that population. Violence and instability skyrockets, crime and drug use become commonplace. Exactly what we see today, in parallel to the epidemics of chronic disease and cancer.

Traub studied this condition his entire life and applied his germ weapons to cause the immune tolerance condition, and the accompanying neurotropic effects when viruses in the central nervous system reactivate and destroy the nerves, brain, and organs of the individual slowly and painfully. I cover the condition in other articles like The Dark Triad of Immune Tolerance: Chronic Disease, Mental Illness, and Cancer.

My book demonstrates how and why millions of people can be quite sick yet appear normal to a physician, with no abnormal blood work, no detectable antibodies, and no abnormal scans using the standard diagnostics available to physicians. These patients are then told there is nothing wrong with them, when in fact this is far from the case. My book conclusively demonstrates the machinery behind mystery diseases like chronic fatigue syndrome, myalgic encephalomyelitis, fibromyalgia, chronic Lyme disease, and beyond, explaining why they cannot get any help. This is the science they wanted to bury along with the life work of Erich Traub.

Traub also made a specialty of turning various animal diseases into human pathogens. It was all done without the need for modern genetic engineering technology, which I have explained in another blog post, Animal Passages & Biological Warfare: The Means and Methods of Bioengineering in the Days Before Recombinant DNA, showing that modern genetic engineering technology was not necessary or even desirable. Erich Traub, while being a virologist, was also a veterinarian and hid his secret biological weapons research was hidden under the cloak of veterinary problems and agriculture. It provided the perfect cover for the dirty business of biological weapons and he had mastered the art of creating stealth biological weapons and turning devious animal diseases into human pathogens.

In my book, I present Traub’s story for the first time, with in-depth analysis and a superior understanding of his scientific work and the conditions his weapons caused. I demonstrate how the combination of many infections from just one tick-bite caused complicated chronic diseases that disabled the immune system and caused a secondary neurotropic disease. I unravel the mysteries of Lyme disease, among other pathogens like Serratia marcescens which was then used in open-air tests by the U.S. Military and caused illnesses and deaths. I present his entire career from start to finish and how he becomes a doorway to so many other aspects of the story and the current epidemics of chronic disease, neurological disorders, mental illnesses, and cancers. I would also like to point out that he was producing these weapons for countries who asked for such weapons to be produced. It would be a mistake to think the blame can be placed on Traub alone, as he is but a doorway to the forces and powers that employed him and sought to use these weapons in the first place.

I highly recommend buying a copy and reading for yourself the story of biological weapons, including the life work of Erich Traub, presented like no other researcher has done until now. This book contains many answers that helpless sick people have been looking for, and why the healthcare system has failed them. The answers are in this book, revealed for the first time.

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